Weight lifting and Ego!

Over the years I have seen that people try to lift weights beyond their capacity and end up doing only one rep or two. Besides, I have seen people comparing themselves with other folks coming to the gym and try to pick up more weight than them.  Which I think is completely useless and will not help you in getting any results or meeting your goals.

So just remember this, if you see a guy or girl shorter than you or has less muscle mass than you but lifts more weights than you with proper form is because he/she might have started lifting weights before you over the years and might have put in a lot of hard work. Besides, with proper and continuous training you will reach there too.

Always remember you have to keep your EGO outside the gym. There are several ways you can start lifting heavy weights like other pro bodybuilders but you have to keep in mind that it will take some time and efforts to get there. To get somewhere; you first have to start somewhere!

So next time you see a guy/girl lifting more weights than you, you can do what I always do and trust me it makes me feel better.

  1. Add right amount of weight that you can lift easily to a machine or bar (depending on what workout you are doing).
  2. Do five more reps than your competitor. This will put your heart in fat burning zone as well.
  3. Start planning your goals and treat yourself every time you can increase the amount of weight you can lift. In short, make a plan. For instance if this week you are able to bench press 130LB make sure that you can bench press 5LB extra that is 135 LB on the first set you do next week on a bench press. This is the way I plan.

At the end it is all planning and hard work.


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