Why you don’t get perfect results after dieting!

Hello friends, I am back to discuss one of my fitness experience. Well, I have been dieting for around 3 months. Cutting on food portions, reducing carbs’ intake and following all other over exaggerated methods followed by many people around us. But guess what, it was a total waste of time.

So today let me enlighten you with the things I did wrong during these 3 months. Well, my parents are always like “SAM dumb A**, you will never do anything right in life”. I must say, that I completely agree with them. So now I post those things that I did wrong, on web so that it can prevent others from doing the same.

Well, let’s get started!

  1. I always workout early mornings, like around 6 am, because later I have to go to work like normal people 9-5 (sucks!). Besides, most of the gyms are not crowded early mornings. This helps in saving time, as during peak hours it’s totally crowed and you waste lot of time waiting for your turn or in a search of a free bench or a machine. Besides, I prefer taking smaller intervals in between my sets. So working-out early morning helps a lot.

Now the thing I did wrong, firstly, the portion of my first meal i.e. breakfast was very little. Secondly, the time after completing my workout and having my first meal was too big. I use to eat my breakfast almost one hour after my workout.

  1. Bad nutrition intake. I agree you have to eat small portions in all your meals but your meal should have right amount of nutrition in it.
  1. Not eating enough meals. The workout program I was following was too intense, but as compare to that my food intake was far more less. If you do this, your body will go to your muscles for energy and whatever you eat will be stored as fat and utilize very slowly.
  1. Not drinking enough water. I cannot emphasize enough how important is water intake for weight loss. You should drink minimum 3 liters of water/day.
  1. Not getting enough sleep. Always remember that if you want your body to recover faster from previous day’s workout then you have to sleep minimum 7 hours/day.

There were many other things that I did wrong during this cutting season but the above five spoiled my health.

Effects of Bad Dieting.

  1. Hair loss. I use to eat 10 egg whites every day for breakfast. Now imagine, I did this for 3 months. You might think what egg whites has to do with hair loss. Well, let me tell you this, extreme and continuous intake of egg whites reduces the absorption of Biotin (vitamin B7) in our body and accelerates hair loss.
  2. Loss in size. I was dieting to loose fat and instead it cost me muscle mass. This is due to consuming less meals per day.

So all I want to say is, dieting is the most important and the best way to build muscle, but you have to do it wisely and in a correct way. You need to prepare a plan in advance for your entire dieting duration. Remember this “Dieting is not eating less, it’s eating right and healthy”.  I hope this article will helps you to avoid doing the same mistakes I did.

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