The death of Dreams!

To be really honest with you all, kids are now forced to dream of becoming something, which they never want to be. There is a reason behind this shit, Parents! Now let me tell you this I am not generalizing anything and I know all parents are not the same. But answer this question of mine, why all parents want their kids to become an engineer or a doctor? You can judge me all you want but this thing runs in our society. Besides, trust me even my mockery contains facts and evidences.

  1. Do parents consider what kind of work place their kids will work after graduation?
  2. Will the kid cope up with the mental stress?
  3. How can he fulfill his/her other goals like sports or music?
  4. Can he/she face failure in this field if he is not interested?
  5. Is he really passionate about this shit?

No one gives AF when parents generalize their kids. For instance, if an engineering student fails in a subject or semester why parents generalize that the kid is a lazy F.  The first thing that comes to their mind is that students are not working hard enough. Then they start comparing them to other folks, like “If your other classmates can do it, why can’t you”? Don’t you all think there might be some other reason for the kids’ failure? May be he is not really interested in the subject or maybe he never really want to be an engineer.

60% of students in engineering colleges are good at other shit than engineering. I don’t want to personalize my blog, but being an engineering F we use to beat students from other departments like management and commerce, in sports and cultural competitions.

I don’t understand why parents don’t get upset when their kids couldn’t perform well in sports?

Why they don’t ground their kids when they lose a soccer match?

Why they don’t compare their kids to a better sportsman?

Why they don’t ask the reason behind winning a silver medal and not gold?

Why they don’t take them to net practice and work on their straight drives?

Why they call their tuition teacher to check if the kid is present in the class and not check with their soccer coach if the kid is on the field?

Why we don’t have open house in sports, so that parents can discuss their kid’s performance?

Why they don’t ask for tips to increase their kid’s performance in sports as they do with math teachers?

Why kids are punished for failure in exams and not in sports?

There is one simple answer to all the above questions and i.e. we live in a society where people like to show the F off. People today live, only to meet the expectations of others. You can judge me all you want, I don’t really give AF. But let me tell you this, some people live their entire life being normal and some fight and achieve greatness. Now, it’s on you who you really want to be.

If you think engineering is something you don’t want to do, then just take a stand and tell your parents that “don’t waste your money on donations to colleges, instead I will do something I like”.

People call me a knock, but the truth has always been one!

All I want to say is live for yourself! Don’t try to match up with others in the society.

It is OK to have a dream, just fulfill it for yourself and not for anyone else. Let GOD be judge!!! 🙂 

Don’t forget to shout out to my Brhu for the great photograph; Ahmed Sabith



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