The Side effects of being a Hippocratic Douche!

Our entire childhood we idolized superstars like Rocky, Rambo, Arnold and Hulk Hogan. We wanted to be strong and muscular like them (Don’t deny that you never thought of being muscular like them). But for what? Some of these people were either caught because they put a needle in their a*s or they themselves committed that they were on juice.

Rocky even fights a guy who is on gear in Rocky 4. Now, how ironic is that?

But when u see some random guy in GYM who is Big AF, the first thing that comes to your mind is he is on juice and “if I used steroids I can be the same”.People call it taking shortcuts or cheating. This type of hypocrisy runs in our society. What kind of thinking is this?

I do not encourage the use of steroids but I don’t hate the people who are on steroids. In contrast, I would say I hate the people who are on gear and lie to their followers on social media that they are all natural and if you train hard and use their supplements you can look like them too. Now, what sense does that make?!!

On one hand, Arnold confesses that he used gear and although he sells supplements under his name. Let me tell you this, Arnold is considered to be the God in bodybuilding and people follow him like crazy. So if he says, use his supplements gym-rats are going to buy them no matter what.So if it’s alright to use supplements sold by Arnold then why it is not right to take juice, like he did during his era in 70’s.

Video Credits: MotivationEveryWeek

I never took steroids in my entire life and would never recommend anyone to take it. I think that’s not the way to meet your fitness.  But let me tell you this; if you go and tell Arnold that “steroids are bad” he would probably laugh at you.

So please don’t be a Hippocratic Douche, respect all people.



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