Tired to exercise after work: Everyday excuse!

The Image above should say everything about the point I am going to make in this blog.

This is the biggest excuse used by many non-lifters today. No matter in what profession you are, you have to find an hour to exercise. Do not get me wrong here I am not saying that you have to hit the gym every day.  You can exercise at home or maybe you can go for a run, but you have to exercise almost every day.

There is a stupid concept flashing in the brains of many today. People today, especially ‘couch potatoes’ think working out means only lifting crazy weights in the gym. This particular thought process is making them unhealthy and FAT!

Any physical activity that can help the body to burn calories, stretch, and increase the cardiovascular activity of the heart will help in improving sleep, decrease chances of getting heart diseases, and have perfect body weight.

Now just imagine how much physically active construction workers are, still they somehow manage to go to the gym and workout. This type of lifestyle is absolutely beneficial and in turn, will help such workers to have good health in the future.

Now how to overcome this excuse.

  1. Go to the gym right after work. This will save time. Once you reach home and sit on that DAM couch, then it is tough for many to hit the gym. So avoid this by going straight to the gym after work.
  2. Eat an apple or banana an hour earlier, so that your stomach doesn’t take over your brain and you miss your workout.
  3. Stop making other plans after work, start making them after a workout. This one is crucial: Ask a girl out after the workout, “Would you like to grab a coffee after workout”? (not after work). Lets’ hit the movies after the workout. Netflix and Sex after a workout?
  4. Have a small cup of black coffee 15 mins before finishing your shift.
  5. Watch a motivational video on YouTube or visit samsweirdblog.wordpress.com on the way to the gym :). Besides, if you drive to work like I do then listen to some motivational speech on your car stereo.

Finally, remember that there is a difference between interest and commitment. If you are interested in something, then you will find out excuses for not doing it, but if you are committed to something then you will only believe in results.


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