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Summer in Canada

As we are slowly heading towards summer 2017, I decided to post my travels to the small and large provincial parks of Ontario Canada.

Warning: the photographs were taken by old iPhone 4, and I am a shitty photographer. Besides, I don’t believe putting too much time in taking pictures as it slows me down, and results in less time to explore.A little back story before you guys start to scroll down for the pictures. I am a 9-5 worker. I work for a software solutions company as a network admin. So, excluding the weekends, I only get 10 days/year to travel. Sucks, right? But there is no way out, you got to do what you got to do. Moreover, this the same reason I travel alone. You see, I only have weekends to travel, I don’t have time to convince people to come on adventures with me. 99% of my friends don’t like what I do. They are city people they eat pizza, drink beer, watch a movie and go to bed. On the other hand, I workout 6 days a week, hike/swim almost all summer weekends, camp when I can, and I hate beer and pizza, both are toxic and makes you fat. The whole point here is that I travel and do adventure alone

  1. Trout Lake Innerkip:


So, there is a story here. This picture was taken in the year 2016, I was 26 and this is my very first campsite ever. My first camping trip was at the age of 26. You see, in India, we don’t do these things, at least not where I lived. When I was a kid my only job was to study, get good grades and not to talk about sports. Sad, right?

Anyways this is a huge lake on a private property in a small town of Innerkip, Ontario with very less population, and only one bar in the entire town. Many young people come here for fishing, cliff diving and scuba diving. There two artificial cliffs, around 20 feet tall.  Unfortunately, I only took one nice pic that I can post.

2. Emerald Lake: This is a water park and a camping ground near a big lake. Here there are two artificial cliffs from which you can jump straight into the deep lake water.

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3. Born Echo Provincial Park: This is one of the most beautiful parks in Ontario. The rocky mountains and clean water beaches are so freaking beautiful. This place is a must visit if you are travelling in Ontario. Moreover, make sure you visit in summer, as the water is warm for swimming and water sports.

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4. Balsam Lake Provincial Park: This place has nice beaches and two hiking trails. I hiked on both and it was amazing.

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5. Elora Quarry: This visit was epic. The best part of this quarry was that every visitor over here was a cliff diving enthusiast and all they wanted to do was jump and swim. Besides, this is a limestone quarry with 40 feet high cliffs in the small town of Elora, Ontario. If you are travelling in Ontario, Canada then you got to visit this town and eat at some local all-day breakfast.


6. Kill Bear Provincial Park: This is a decent park for camping and hiking along the side of Georgian Bay. One of the windiest parks I have been in. It has amazing camping grounds and the forest is pretty dense and away from the busy city life.

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7. Algonquin Provincial Park: This is the most beautiful park in Ontario. Over here you can hike on one of the best hiking trails in the Canada. A must see. You can do almost all activities in this park. People visit this park for biking, bird watching, kayaking, canoeing, camping and fishing. One tip; make sure you buy an effective and concentrated bug spray if you are hiking and camping. The pictures below are from the Mizzy Lake trail.

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Now I am planning my next adventure. I have not decided what I am going to do, but I know that I am going enjoy and live in the moment.

One more thing guys, don’t be afraid of doing things alone and don’t wait for people to do an adventure with you. If your friends are not ready, then just go and do it yourself.

Let me know what you thing about Canadian parks in the comments section!

Live while you can!